OWC Helios Good Deal

OWC Helios Good Deal  


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This is my first post, and I have to say, I love this community. Thanks for sharing so much of your collective experience. So I started out with my first egpu being the Gigabyte Gaming Box 580 and after using it for a week I returned it due to some bugs. Now I've pulled the trigger on another enclosure and I thought I'd share in case someone else is interested.

OWC has the Helios FX which is the same thing as the Sonnet Breakaway Box but the OWC is available with the 550 watt PSU, and no 350 or 650 watt option, but it will take care of most cards you'd want to put into it. They've got a sale going now now where the box alone is 299.00, down from 329.00 but they have several open box units available for 239.00, one of which I just bought for myself. For a 550 watt PSU egpu with a full 3 year warranty, compared to Sonnet's one year, I think it's a steal. I'll be pulling the Sapphire Nitro 8GB 580 I have in my PC to put into the box but OWC is also offering their combos that include a Gigabyte 8GB RX580 for 429.00 (open box), and 549.00 on sale (unopened box), down from 649.00. 

I'm thinking of ordering a second unit with the card installed as well but does anyone know if Final Cut Pro can utilize dual egpu's like Davinci Resolve can?

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