[US/Canada] ebay coupon (March 9th only, ends 8PM Pacific): 1 time 20% off every...
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[US/Canada] ebay coupon (March 9th only, ends 8PM Pacific): 1 time 20% off everything over 25$, up to 100$ of a discount.  


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This is a heads up as I just ran across this on ebay. They are offering a 20% off anything (some exceptions, but electronics are covered) until tonight at 8PM Pacific. I tried to apply it on a bunch of Buy It Now items and it works during checkout, giving you the discount before you go to confirm payment. It applies to both private sellers and ebay presences of things like Newegg. I tried it on a Quadro P2000, a Radeon Pro WX5100, a GTX980Ti, an R9 Fury X, an empty AORUS Box and a few other things. In all cases it applied correctly and changed the sum to pay (obviously I did not go through will all those orders Smile I just wanted to see if it applies to the sum you're expected to pay).

Enter the code at checkout: PSPRING20

It works only once, so you can't order more than one item with this. A 20% off a video card is pretty damn good right now, so if you are in the market, run, run, run.

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@yukikaze Thank you for posting this deal. I managed to use it at the last hour on a Toshiba Portege X20W-D. This laptop is one of the very few with a single Thunderbolt 3 port that both x4 PCIe and OPI 4 GT/s.

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