[US] EVGA B-Stock - Multiple Attractive Deals!

[US] EVGA B-Stock - Multiple Attractive Deals!  


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All B-Stock cards come with 1 year warranty from EVGA. No idea how long this will last.

GT1030 SC Passive Cooler - 49.99$ (Cheapest GT 1030 price, ever):

GTX1050Ti SSC Gaming - 99.99$:

GTX980Ti GAMING ACX 2.0+ - 199.99$:

Titan X (Maxwell) - 299.99$ (Not really the best in price/performance, unless you really need 12GB of VRAM, but some people like Titan cards):

RTX2070 XC ULTRA - 409.99$:

RTX2080 XC ULTRA - 619.99$:

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