[US][ebay] AMD FirePro W600 2GB (6 DisplayPorts) - 33.99$ w/Free Ship

[US][ebay] AMD FirePro W600 2GB (6 DisplayPorts) - 33.99$ w/Free Ship  


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More in Yukikaze's ebay adventures: I found a bunch of FirePro W600 cards for 34$ a piece on ebay. The main selling point of these cards is the fact that they are equipped with 6 DisplayPort 1.2 ports, which makes them suitable for driving multiple 2K or 4K panels from a (relatively) cheap card, making them attractive as cheap eGPU cards to give 4K capability to old systems. Performance wise, this is essentially a HD7750, which is about the equivalent of a GTX650/Quadro K2000, so don't expect much, but it is better than integrated graphics. It also works with the latest Win10 drivers.

These cards require no external power and are entirely slot powered. As a result, an AKiTiO Thunder can house one of these to provide 6 DP1.2 outputs without any modifications.

Here is the W600 data sheet.
Here is the Techpowerup GPU Database entry for the W600.

I sent the buyer an offer for two cards at 30$ a piece, and they accepted it. I have some weird plans for these, so stay tuned 🙂

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