21.5" IMac now and future possibilities
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21.5" IMac now and future possibilities  


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I have recently joined this community and have been trying to figure out what to do with my assorted gear- An 2103 busted screen 15 inch Macbook Pro, a noisy fan 2013 13" Macbook Pro and a 9550 Dell 15" 4k and a 9250 12" Dell 1080p. I am now shooting RED 8k with huge file sizes. I need to use Resolve and FCP. I picked up an Arorus 1080 gaming box, and been trying to get all the machines going to see what works. Thanks to all the help on this forum I am getting it wrangled out. I need a travel machine that is good enough and a movable machine for home an studio. There is no portable all in one. So all the stuff I have seems to miss the mark, and frankly has been badly abused and looking for a new home. At this point it looks like I will get the HP 13t four lane'r and  travel with it and the Arorus. It will let me do file transfers, backups and check things out and do rudimentary viewing of the footage I am shooting in Resolve. Now my problem is the upcoming IMac Pro. Who knows? I need something now that has a bit of a future. I am seriously thinking about getting a 21.5" for a few reasons, please chime in on my logic or lack of. 

1. It has a great P3 certified screen, can be had fully- aftermarket- loaded with 32gb ram, fast 1tb Pcie  drive, with a ton of usable i.o. for much less than a loaded 15" Macbook Pro and for what it offers, is relatively light and portable, much more than the 27". And I need an FCP capable machine.

2. Also aftermarket, it seems that the cpu is not soldered in, does anybody know or can you speculate on the possible upgrade ability of this in realistic terms?

3. It seems there are difficulties with an eGPU because of lack of on chip graphics. What are the short and long term ramifications of this? I would like to use the 1080 game box on it.


I appreciate any guidance in this pursuit. Thanks.




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At the moment, this conundrum has no quick solution. FCPX favors AMD cards. The AORUS 1080 Gaming Box is very capable but it's not going to be utilized much in macOS with FCPX. I like the idea of upgrading the 21" iMac 4k. Do keep in mind its thermal envelope. The majority of iMacs die due to heat exposure (hard drive and GPU).

In an ideal situation, Gigabyte produces an AORUS RX Vega Nano and Apple enables the iGPU in Thunderbolt 3 iMacs. This way you can have one eGPU on the road with an ultrabook and at the desk with an iMac.

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