Asrock Thunderbolt 4 AIC - reboot loop
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Asrock Thunderbolt 4 AIC - reboot loop  


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I got my hands on the Asrock TB4 AIC and put it in Asus WRX80 motherboard. I’ve tried all the jumpers and tried shorting out motherboard header but no matter what, it keeps going through an infinite reboot loop. It seems like it’s about to boot windows with with the spinning circle, but then goes to black instead of the login screen. Not even the windows automatic repair thing can start up. 

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That's unfortunate. But FWIW, I noticed that ASRock added 2 AM4 motherboards to their support list. Both have TBT headers of course.

AM4 : AMDB550
*1: Maximum three TB devices and one TB Monitor can be detected in one TB4 port. (Double in two ports)
*2 : USB Keyboard / Mouse on TB4 port cannot wake up the system from S3/S4.
*3 : TB monitor might not light up if “Above 4GB Decoding” option is disabled.
*4 : Does not support Thunderbolt graphics card box with AMD graphics card.
*5 : Only supports Cezanne, Vermeer, Matisse, Renoir processors.

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@dregpu, did you try it on your Romed8-2T board too?  I see from other posts you have Romed too ?  


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