HP Envy 34" Curved eGPU setup recommendaitons
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HP Envy 34" Curved eGPU setup recommendaitons  

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Dear Daclina,

Thank you for your reply.

So the best option to GPU upgrade would be assemble a external GPU with power supply connected to the thunderbolt port...

What about the RAM memory ? Mine comes with 2 x 8GB = 16GB ddr4 2666mhz. 

I was thinking on put 2 x 16 GB, but in HP tech info it say the board does not support more then 2 x 8gb .

Is this true ? I never have seen a board with memory limit capacity.

Can you help me with this?

I wanted to upgrade:

- memory from 16gb to 32gb

- ssd m.2 mvne from 250gb to 2Tb

- hdd from 1Tb to ssd 4Tb


Best regards

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@hp-34-b100np-portugal, You'd get better performance if you connect an eGPU to the NVMe M.2 slot. Thunderbolt connection on many computers is going through the PCH and doesn't have the best optimization.


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@hp-34-b100np-portugal, as @itsage mentioned, your best option would be to connect the an eGPU to the NVMe M.2 slot - guides are available here, but it's not simple plug and play. My suggestion was simpler, but the results will be worse due to bandwidth limitations on the Thunderbolt 3 port on the HP Envy. 

If you want to give the NVMe M.2 slot a try to connect the eGPU, then just upgrade the SSD and use that as your main drive. If not your NVMe and SSD upgrades sound fine and should work no problem.

As far as the ram, if I recall the official supported ram is 2x8gb as per HP tech. That doesn't mean 16gbx2 won't work, but they do not support / advise it. If I were you I'd try find somewhere where you can buy / borrow the 16gb stick to test and see for yourself before committing, or find a place where you can buy and possibly return. It should work just fine, but it's not guaranteed.

Hope that helps.


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