What is the current 'recommended' cpu cooler???
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What is the current 'recommended' cpu cooler???  


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Hi all,

Recently my Corsair H80i has been doing my head in. I'm not sure if it's just the new software that's caused it, but my temps have been a bit high for my liking and the whining noise of the fans even on quiet is just frustrating.

What is the current cooler that provides the best price/performance ratio? I'm pretty hesitant to go towards all in one liquid coolers after this experience, and I'm not really overclocking so I'm thinking a good old heat sink/fan is best for me.

For reference I have an i7 4770k which I believe is an 1150 socket. I have a big corsair case so size probably isn't an issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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@josephkhan I moved this topic to Desktop Computing. I'd recommend the tower-shaped air cooler if your case has good clearance. They run quiet, have lots of headroom for overclocking, and require minimal maintenance. You can't go wrong with either Noctua NH D15 or Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3.

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