X399 Designare + amd threadripper 2950x + Gc-Alpine Ridge
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X399 Designare + amd threadripper 2950x + Gc-Alpine Ridge  


brian salazar
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About a month ago I bought gc-alpine ridge and when I connected it to the mobo I worked to perfect with my thunderbolt monitors display but however I had to move the pc from place was when they stopped working, uh reinstalled drivers and nothing works. the gc alpine card is not recognized again. I hope someone can help me.

x399 Designare

Nvme Xpg Gammix s11

Threadripper 2950x

RTX 2080 ti

64gb corsair 3200

hwinfo 1
hwinfo 3
hwinfo 2
IMG 5186
IMG 5187
IMG 5188
IMG 5189

X399 Designare EX, Threadripper 2950x, GC-Alpine Ridge, RTX 2080 TI, 64 Ram

Arturo Jara Tovar
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Hi, i dont know who to help you but i want ask you

How do you make work the alpine ridge? did you use a jumper cable ?

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