2013 Dell Precision M4700 + EXP GDC 8.4d + GTX 970 + ExpressCard2 + Win 10 + ext...
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2013 Dell Precision M4700 + EXP GDC 8.4d + GTX 970 + ExpressCard2 + Win 10 + external monitor Samsung 28'' 4k  


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2013 Dell Precision M4700 + EXP GDC 8.4d + GTX 970 + ExpressCard2 + Win 10 + external monitor Samsung 28'' 4k

{ 2013 15.6'' Dell Precision M4700 (Nvidia QUADRO K2000M )} [Intel core i7-3520M, 2 cores, max 3,60 GHz] + {GIGABYTE GTX 970}  {4Gbps} ({EXP GDC 8.4d} + {win10} // {comments}


System specs 2013 15.6'' Dell Precision M4700, i7-3520M, Intel HD graphics 4000, Nvidia QUADRO K2000M, Win10 with eGPU GTX 970


Hardware pictures  Will update later, it's my first post!


eGPU hardware EXP GDC 8.4d, GIGABYTE GTX 970, Express card


Installation steps 

Hello guys, I'm totally new to the world of eGPU, so I may have made many mistakes along the way, sorry!

First step, bought the EXP GDC 8.4d with the M.2 cable; opening the PC i discovered to have a free M.2 slot, so I just plugged it in, and left the wifi card in its place. 

Then i got a GTX 770 direct CU (low budget for test ) , an ATX PSU of 450W, and plugged everything. Windows detected the eGPU on its own, so it installed the drivers, I updated the nvidia drivers to the latest for the GTX 770, and everything started working fine with an external monitor ( except for some occasional crashes)

The M.2 connection was giving me some issue with the PC stand by status, so i tried to switch to the express card connection.   

At this point i decided to upgrade the system with a GIGABYTE GTX 970; plugged in , installed drivers ,nvidia graphic driver and everything was working fine. (except for the lost QUADRO K2000M , nvidia drivers not compatibles )      

Everything worked smooth for a while, i could play nice games with a decent frame rate, but then suddenly the situation started worsening. 

Suddenly, after 2-3 months of perfect working, i started to experience sudden crashes during game play.   What happens is that during game play, the PC freezes for a second, with a black screen, after that i get a full screen of a single color for some seconds ( usually its or gray, or green or blue, with various shades).

After that the PC reboots on its own and everything works again as usual with no problem. In the event registry there is nothing useful regarding this event and the possible reasons. 

I looks like the eGPU is shut down for some reason, and consequently the PC reboots.  GPU temperature is fine (always < 50° celsius) CPU temp is fine, around 70° celsius.

At the beginning i thought that the issue could come from the specific game ( wreck-fest ) but now the issue is spreading on all other games; furthermore is even worsening, because in some case the crash happens during game launching.

My first attempt was to replace the PSU, little improvements but the crash is just behind the corner waiting for me. Twisted

Next step, i will try to replace the eGPU. 

So i would say that my installation is unsuccessful and still in progress.  


Benchmarks Will update later, it's my first post!


Comments Sorry for the long story, In conclusion the eGPU is working perfectly during normal PC use, but as soon as it gets some hard work it crashes. If anyone has some suggestion for this issue i would really appreciate! Thank you guys! Smile

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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