2015 15" Lenovo Y700 15ISK 80NV + GTX 1660 Ti external monitor not working
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2015 15" Lenovo Y700 15ISK 80NV + GTX 1660 Ti external monitor not working  


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Hello everybody, I write here since I need some assistance. I'm new to the eGPU world and I recently bought ADT-Link R43SG and a GTX 1660 Ti to go along with my lenovo y7000.

I'll write a guide soon enough on how to set it up since I noticed there isn't much info on this laptop and setup.

Anyway I just wanted to ask a question since I noticed something might be wrong with my setup.

I read on many posts that the most important step for an eGPU is to enable video feed to go directly from the graphic card straight to the monitor (which in my case is a TV with HDMI) and so after testing the setup on my internal screen on my laptop LCD, and doing more tests with the laptop plugged from my laptop HDMI slot to my monitor TV HDMI slot, I unplugged the HDMI from my laptop and attempted to connect to the HDMI slot on the gtx 1660ti...by which I was presented with a Pink screeen of death.

Pc rebooted, and I thought that maybe I should try to connect the HDMI cable right from the start before the laptop booted.

I then connected the TV to my GTX1660ti, and proceeded to boot ...but the TV wasn't showing any signal. I could use the laptop's screen alright, but no video feed ever went to the TV's monitor.

I then chose to stop further testing since I didn't actually know what I was doing, gotta admit that.

And that brings me here to you guys, asking for some guidance. Maybe I didn't actually understand what this external monitor thing is all about, I'm not a huge tinkerer with PC stuff until just a week ago, so I don't really know how to have the graphic card to feed directly to the external monitor and even don't know if I understood correctly what it's intended with the external screen performance gain whole story.

Thank you if somebody can point me in the right direction!


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