Acer 5741g +gtx950 problem  


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February 11, 2018 9:10 am  

Hello I am new here,
I have got a problem with my laptop I am trying to make the gpu work on it using miniPCI port the problem is that my laptop when I connect everything and turn on the laptop it turns on for like 3-5sec then the laptop turns of and then it starts to repeat the same thing over and over agen until I say turn of the power suply for my gpu then it boots up okey if i Turn the gpu on when laptop is allready booted windows it only spins the fans very loud and thats it doesint detect anything in the device manager, tried to boot the laptop with wifi card then pull it out and put the cable back in then it detects an unknown device.
But I have found I think here somewhere where it was writen that it might be something with cable there was shown meybe I should try to tape one of the connectors on my mini pci cable and when I did that the pc boots up fine but it detects the device as Ethernet Controller and has an error (dont remmember I thin 20 or 23) That the device has no drivers I tried to instal nvidia drivers and it doesnt want too so I tryied from device manager to search drivers but also it doest work because the laptop thinks that it is an ethernet controller not graphics card.
Soo meybe anybody knows a solution ?
my laptop is
Acer aspire 5741G
I5-430m 2.53ghz
8gb of ddr3 ram 1066mhz
nvidia gt320m
128gb ssd
I am using EXP GDC v8.5c
Also I have tryied to flash my bios to unlock more settings but there arent any setting that I could change with the vga graphics that other laptops have.
Thank you

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