ADT Link R43SG weird detection problem
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ADT Link R43SG weird detection problem  


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I got my setup two months ago with a 5700 XT on R43SG and it was working but with some flaws.

PC doesn't detect eGPU, PSU working, GPU working, dock working normally with 2 green lights ( D1 and D2 ) but no detection on device manager. If i play a little with m2 cable connecting dock to pc ( bending cable around, usually dockside head) after Windows booted, GPU is detected but gives me error 43. 

This is either a PSU problem, or faulty cable problem or both? Or motherboard?

What i already tried:

- Made PSU permanent on changing SW1 (1 to 2 ), SW2, SW3 tricks, pretty much all the tricks @nando4 suggested on other threads.

- Unplug all cables and replug them.

- This is a Clevo model so BIOS settings are very restricted, no modded BIOS on internet.

Already checked general error guide about m2 and there is also this guy with same problem.


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i7-6700HQ, 16 GB DDR3 Ram, AMD 5700 XT on 32 Gbps x4 3.0 ADT-Link R43SG M2 eGPU Adapter