Asus G771JW and ADT R43SL troubles  


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November 17, 2018 2:50 am  

I've finish my first EGPU setup but get some serious troubles.
Here is my build:
Windows 7 64-bit
Asus G771JW - 4720 i7 - 16 gb ram
ADT R43SL   ( M.2 slot )
MSI 980ti
last Nvidia drivers
450W PSU
And here is list of issues:
1) First, the perfomance is lower than 980 ti build which I found here:

2) Second, GPU getting very very hot ( Witcher 3 High Settings ) Also with fan speed set to max.
3) And the worst thing is that I start getting BSOD with any game or something which load up GPU.
I try to set VSync on with nvidia panel to prevent extremely high GPU loading but it helps not much.
I hope you can help

Soon I will add my system & eGPU details or a build link to this my signature to give context to my posts

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November 17, 2018 3:08 am  

Your 4th-gen i-core has a x4 2.0 M.2 slot as explained here . CUDA-Z  bandwidth results are as expected for x4 2.0. Your other issues may be related to running dual-Nvidia GPUs and/or PSU/cable. See here for idea on how to correct those.

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