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ASUS x750jb  

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@Davide, good work. Would you like to submit an implementation guide documenting what critical steps were required to get your eGPU going? Am interested if you are using the ultra budget $7 mPCIe adapter.

eGPU Setup 1.35    •    eGPU Port Bandwidth Reference Table

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Posted by: Davide Preziusi



Simply installed windows in uefi mode (changed also partition tabel in uefi mode), Asus started not with bios, But with uefi mode....and it simply worked! 


I also think that this is the right way of doing it but it's limited.According to nando4 in order to use the setup 1.35 you need to use MBR partition(aka legacy mode),so users with ASUS laptops who are facing the same issue(no eGPU detection) and don't need the setup 1.35 for further tweaking should install windows in UEFI mode with GPT partition.

@nando4 this is good to be noted in the guideline due to successful implementation by Davide Preziusi

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Davide Preziusi
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Hello guys, sorry for my absence, but i was very busy.


Anyway, like I said, I simply installed my windows using UEFI (first I had "legacy mode", so it didn't recognized eGPU).


I'm using EXP GDC .8.4d because the $7 riser never arrived to me


Feel free to ask me anything you want.


Best regards, Davide!

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@davide_preziusi thank you for the explanations 

i installed windows 10 il UEFI mode like you said, but i have the same problem when i turn on my laptop with the eGPU connected (i use a msi gtx 1060)


it keeps freezing on ASUS logo windows doesn't start

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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Hello all, I have an ASUS x555LB laptop and I've been experiencing the same issues. No GPU dedication, hotswapping doesn't work, etc. I just purchased the 1.35 software and it is prompting me to re-install Windows with Legacy MBR instead of UEFI with GPT. So what is the better route? Is it MBR installation and the ability to use the 1.35 software, or is a simple re-install with UEFI suffice? I'm pretty sure I'm currently using UEFI/GPT partitioning so I'm not sure how a re-install would be changing anything? In my early troubleshooting stages, I did turn on Legacy CSM support in the bios with no change to my situation.

Thanks for any help.

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