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BSOD - HP 4540s and GTX 550 Ti  


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I have a BSOD problem after restart (let me tell you my build and when appear bsod).
My Hardware is: HP 4540s (i3, 8Gb, Intel HD 4000 and internal AMD 7650m), eGPU - GTX 550 Ti, PSU 550W "Inter-Tech" and Beast v8.5 mPCI-e (remove WiFi and connect there)
So I disable internal AMD 7650m from BIOS (installed latest firmware) and its no shows more in Windows 10
Go in Safe mode - DDU - uninstall all AMD drivers (mPCI-e cable not connect to Beast) 
Restart (Windows go in Safe mode again) and connect mPCI-e to Beast before BIOS even loads
eGPU is recognized as Standart Video -> install NVidia driver 368.81 (Custom install - Driver and PhysX only) - chose Restart Later option
From Windows Registry delete -> Hot Machine -> Software -> NVidia need restart entry...
Now install newest driver with no errors (try and with olders incl. 375.63)
After restart laptop stuck on screen with Windows logo and rolling circle and appears BSOD with only message: "Stop code SYSTEM SERVICE EXECPTION (there is no code for error)"
I think is a kind of conflict because in Safe mode GTX 550 Ti is showed in adapter and no warnings yellow triangles signs
I tried to disable different PCI-e ports in windows with no succses and I'm out of ideas 
I lead that guide
Do you have any suggestions about that? 

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.