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Bug Ngff cable put fan Speed to 100%  


Luca Ambrosi
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Hello, i'm new here. Today i put on My mini PC an external doc (gdc Beast) in Ngff slot. Put It a R9 380 and run It without mouch BIOS modification (PC run ryzen 2500u) but... Now on BIOS sensor CPU Is 250+° voltage same and the cpu fan Speed 100% all time. If i put away the doc but i mantain the cable inside the Port It run like this. Removing the Ngff cable from slot take it to normal use. P.s. when run mad on hwmonitor i see the temperature correct but not the fan Speed like normally i see. What would be the problem?

Run R9 380 4gb on t-bao mn25 ryzen 5 2500u 12gb RAM SSD nvme.

Simeone help me please🙈

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