Considering eGPU for ibuypower Valkyrie CZ-27 - General First-Timer Questions
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Considering eGPU for ibuypower Valkyrie CZ-27 - General First-Timer Questions  


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Hi Everyone - I'm new to eGPUs but I've read over u/sovereign007's 101 post on r/eGPU, searched around here and on the notebook review forums, watched a few youtube videos, and I still have a few questions as I consider the possibility of an eGPU as a system upgrade. My laptop is an ibuypower Valkyrie CZ-27 (specs below and a note that I intend to upgrade to 16GB of RAM).  I've searched around using the index and have not found anyone who has upgraded the same make/model before so this is perhaps uncharted territory.

mPCI Adapter:

The unit does not support thunderbolt, however it does run this wifi adapter which connects via mini PCI. For this reason, I'm considering an mPCI-E adapter of some sort but have two questions:

  1. How am I able to tell the max PCI bandwidth (e.g., x1 1.1-3)? Can I assume that because I have an i7 my max PCI bandwidth is 8Gbps – x1 3.0? What are the implications of max PCI bandwidth?

  2. How would you go about choosing an adapter? It seems like there's a bit of a price range and I'm not hardware-literate enough to understand the pros and cons.


I've been using bc-builds bottleneck calculator to try and choose a suitable GPU given my CPU. A RX 580 seems like it would work and provide the kind of upgrade I'm looking for (and also hopefully less likely to cause BIOS issues which I've heard can happen with GTX GPUs?) but I'm not well versed in GPUs generally so, two more questions:

  1. Any tips on picking a GPU based on my build?

  2. The laptop already has a GTX 770M 3GB. What happens to the 770M? Can I just disable it using the task manager?

Power Supply: I'm also not sure how to best power an eGPU. I know the mPCI-E adapter + GPU would require a power source so, last question:

  1. What is the best way to determine which power supply would be most suitable? I'm in the US if that's any help.

Let me know what you think overall. I'm just thinking about this as a possibility so any advice would be highly valued. Thanks much in advance!

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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