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Constant reboot at different intervals!

Constant reboot at different intervals!  


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Good day! There is a monoblock Asus all in one, model: et2311i. System WIndows 10 Pro 1903. 8 Gb RAM. SSD 1 Tb drive. An external graphics card (NVidia 1060 6 Gb or 1050Ti 4 gb) was connected using the GPU EX DC mPCI-E v8.5c adapter and the DIY eGPU Setup 1.35 program (the discrete card was turned off with its own help) based on this video  And it is connected through the port in which the WIFI card was connected. This card was removed and the pci-e cable connected. After that, the wireless Radio setting was turned off in the BIOS. In system everything was defined and earned. The image went to the second monitor. But after launch or tests using FurMark or playing games or just standing with no load, using different (from 3 to 15 minutes) intervals monobook was to go into a reboot. Sometimes the monitor shows psychedelic images of different colors. At the same time in the logs of the system there is nothing special to be able to identify the problem. How can this be cured?

However, if you install a graphics card Nvidia gtx 640 2GB and all works well. Without rebooting and other problems.

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