[HELP] Dell 5447 many problems with eGPU
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[HELP] Dell 5447 many problems with eGPU  


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Hi everyone, im triying to make a setup with my DELL Inspiron 5547, but i dont have success yet (not even close :().

My Laptop: DELL Inspiron 5547, 8 Gb Ram, Intel HD Graphics 4400, i7-4510U, M.2 NGFF for wifi + bluetooth card.

Adpapter: Beast EXP GDC V8.4d with NGFF M.2 AE Key... 600w PS.

GPU: Radeon Rx 560 and Nvidia Quadro Fx580 (for test first).

The problem:

  • Connected eGPU with different configuration for PTD and ATX pwr switches, turn on laptop -> Black screen wont boot up.
  • Turned on with WIFI card, put to sleep, turn on with eGPU -> only 1 time the device manager recognized the eGPU (Keyboard crashes).
  • I could install the GPU driver (Fx580) when device manager recognized the eGPU, but when i go back from sleep mode, laptop crashed when i manually "scan for changes" in the device manager (The computer just go to a black screen but i still see the mouse pointer and keyboard Freeze always).
  • I recognized that i have a Whitelist problem so: Turned on laptop with WIFI card, entered to setup 1.35, saved port (port 4 for me), F5 to scan, hotswap eGPU, eGPU recognized, but i not able to restore port because keyboard crashed and i couldnt move trough the menu... i tried with usb keyboard but same results.
  • My laptop wont boot up even if only EXP GDC is connected (without gpu) even with no energy. as soon as i disconnect the HDMI adapter , laptop boot up.
  • The problems above are the same for the 2 gpus.

if anyone know how can i fix all this, i wil aprecciate it. thanks! and sorry for my english.

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