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DELL Inspiron 5567  

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@kian_moiny, I'm not sure if it's 50/50. But it does seem to happen. What do you think of the issue I posted? Does it look like a BIOS whitelisting problem?


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kian moiny
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@viking_sail, I don’t think so, I had the same problem but instead of getting a black screen I got some sort of distorted colors. What I did was I disabled my dGPU through my BIOS and it worked. You probably don’t have that option so you must find another way to disable the dGPU, I’ve read somewhere that even disabling the dGPU through device manager will make it work but I’m having a hard time believing that


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luis rivera
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@fazums, hello I have the same pc as you a Dell 5567 ,would you mind telling me your pc specs (like CPU 7200u or 7500u?) and how did you manage to make it work? using the wifi card slot? also what GPU are you using? thanks.


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