Dell Inspiron N5110 Blue screen after installing gpu drivers

Dell Inspiron N5110 Blue screen after installing gpu drivers  


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I'm totally new to the forums and eGPUs and hope someone can help me. Yesterday I followed some guides to setup my N5110 with Afox GT 1030. What I did was (in the following order): 1. Install all hardward to exp gdc v8. 2. Disable NIC from Bios. 3. Booted to Windows 10 and downloaded/installed Geforce 1030 graphics drivers. After the installation, it asked me to reboot my system, which I did. After that, on the next boot, my system crashes and I get a blue screen. After this, I had to restore my win10 in order to be able to boot it. I have went through the same process twice, and I cannot seem to figure out what's going on. I'm pretty sure there's something I'm missing. Appreciate all of your help and thanks in advance.

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