Dell L702X - IGPU (NVIDIA) EGPU (NVIDIA) two drivers possible?
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Dell L702X - IGPU (NVIDIA) EGPU (NVIDIA) two drivers possible?  


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Hey guys i have a problem here.

My Setup consists of  Dell L702X Laptop with internal GeForce GT 555M graphicscard.

My egpu is connected through mini PCI-Express. Problem is the "newest" nvidia driver is too old for After Effects 2020. I can get my EGPU to work with the newest NVIDIA driver by installing firstly the 368.81 driver and the using the "russian method" (deleting in registry the need to restart and then installing the newest driver but not "clean install". Problem is that than the GT555 M doesnt work for my internal display which i also want to use. the GT555 M spits out an code 31 error. I hope i can somehow manage to get both graphics card working but i tried so many different driver combinations. Any idea on how to fix the Error 31 another way? 


Greetings from Germany



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