Dell Latitude E6410 - Expresscard with GTX 660Ti (EXP GDC)
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Dell Latitude E6410 - Expresscard with GTX 660Ti (EXP GDC)  


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Hello all, I have been pursuing a eGPU setup for a while now. With the sudden death of my ASUS X555LB, I decided to buy a used Dell Latitude business notebook because 1) these things can be had for dirt cheap 2) you can easily toss in a higher spec'd CPU and 3) this bad boy had an expresscard slot and smart card reader. It comes with a dual core i5 520m, but I replaced it with a quad core i7 820m (more on this later).

Anyways, on to the setup. I was having troubles initially on trying to get the GTX 660Ti to initialize properly. I was running into error 10, 12, 19, and 43 on occasions. On other occasions, I'd have no errors but the GPU clock speed etc. was not populating in GPUZ or Afterburner. This laptop has an old quadro NVS 3100m dGPU and the i7 820m does not have an iGPU. This meant I could not just disable the dGPU outright. Through trial and error, this is the process I have tested multiple times for success:

Run DDU, uninstall all drivers and shutdown. Plug in eGPU and power on. Install the drivers for the Quadro (notebook 342.00) and restart. Install drivers for the GTX 660ti (trusty 368.81 NOTEBOOK) and restart. At this point in device manager, the Quadro exhibits error 10 due to it not understanding the 368.81 driver. I now uninstall the Quadro in device manager and restart. Now, when opening device manager the GTX 660ti is code 12 and a dialog box says a restart is required. Restart. And now everything works. In order to play games with the eGPU as the renderer, I must disable the Quadro. This causes the laptop screen to go black but I have a monitor plugged into the GTX 660ti. Enabling the quadro when im finished works smoothly and seamlessly.

I run the system in dual monitor (well just using a TV for easy testing). I'm not exactly sure why, but sometimes nVidia control panel works and sometimes it doesnt. I am going to do some further testing with this rig for sure. I at one point tried to get a GTX 970 running but decided to work solely with the 660ti in case I somehow damaged something, and i will be revisiting that soon. I think I am for sure limited by the Expresscard 1.0 bandwidth and I am running 1.1 @ x1.  I am going also swap in a 620m because although it is a dual core, it has significantly higher base clock and boost clock when compared to the quad core i7 820m.

I also have pictures but Im not sure how to add (imgur?)

Thanks for your time.

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To put shots of it here, click on the "{;}" token at the top, ond put this on a new line:
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Where is tells you to put the link above, put the link to the shot on Imgur. It needs to be a link that leads right to the shot, not to the side which has the shot on it (so the link needs to end in ".jpg", ".png" ond so on).

Good work mid this. I hope you can make the shots of it work here as I would like to see it.

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