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Did i just ruin my graphics card?  


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I've configured my egpu setup using exp gdc successfully to my HP laptop. And I was able to play a few games already. I had made a case for it and unfortunately while moving things around, my graphics card came a little bit unplugged from the dock. I turned on my laptop and my egpu was not working.

While troubleshooting, I tried to fully plug in my graphics card to the dock and the fans went full speed.. Out of panic, I immediately shut down my laptop, and now I can't seem to make my egpu to work. My psu is working fine (fans spinning) and the exp gdc has the green light on. Unfortunately I don't have a pc or a way to test my egpu.

Did i just ruin my graphics card? I tried to disconnect and connect the cables, as well as rest everything overnight but still graphic cards is not working.. the fans don't spin at all even at bootup. Any advice would be appreciated..

HP ENVY dv6t-7300
EXP GDC v8.4d
Generic 400w PSU
Gigabyte RX570 4GB

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