eGPU Box (Thunderbolt 3 - USB Type C) to mPCIE OR EXP GDC. Does it exist?
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eGPU Box (Thunderbolt 3 - USB Type C) to mPCIE OR EXP GDC. Does it exist?  


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I have an Aorus Gaming Box 1080 and Macbook Pro that work together through thunderbolt 3 ports.

However, I have an older windows laptop which I want to use sometimes with the Box through the 1x mPCIE port(all performance hits are fine with me). The laptop has mPCIE port so EXP GDC would work with it, but I have to take out the GTX 1080 out of the Aorus Gaming Box every time I want to connect it to the laptop. What I want is a solution to connect the box to the laptop directly through some type of adapter.

Option 1) Is there a thunderbolt 2/3 to mPCIE adapter that could do this? (I think this should be theoretically possible, but could not find anything out there)

Option 2)Is there a thunderbolt 2/3 to PCIE port that could do this? I would connect EXP GDC to the laptop and then connect this adapter to the PCIE of EXP GDC, where the GPU is supposed be connected at.

Any other ideas/solutions are appreciated. Thanks...



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I dunno. Asus and Gigabyte have PCIe cards which provide Thunderbolt but they need compatible BIOS and they have a header cable which does something (I do not know what but it is important) and so I sincerely doubt you can just plop it in an EXP GDC riser and expect it to work. Not to mention that I have no idea how well it would work with PCIe x1. (But then again, the Gigabyte card is reported to be able to provide DisplayPort-wrapped-in-Thunderbolt with just power from the PCIe slot and DP signals in -- this does not mean it also works with any random PCIe signal you throw at it.)

Pulling a TB signal out of an mPCIe slot like a rabbit out of a top hat is most definitely not going to happen.

One solution I would attempt is putting the card in this riser because you can get both mPCIe and PCIe headends easily and cheaply. Caveat: I have NFI how well the A Box will behave if you run the card via a riser and also you are also nerfing your 1080 very, very seriously.

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