Egpu Graphic upgrade GTX 770 to 1060 6GB
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Egpu Graphic upgrade GTX 770 to 1060 6GB  


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Hi all,

Do you think it's worth upgrading ? I have Exp GDC Beast V8.5C and lenovo T430 and GTX 770 4GB.Card works only on Gen1 speeds.Is it worth to upgrade card to MSI Armor GTX 1060 6 GB considering bandwidth limits (Gen1).I have chance to get this card for 150 euro (card not used for mining) so it is prety good offer.

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No dnt do that since you are getting only 1 lane bandwidth, but still the choice its yours

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I have a 1070ti eGPU on 1 lane 2nd Gen pcie, I'm pretty happy with it.

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