EXP GDC 8.5C DC Barrel Power Worked Great Until I Used 6 Pin Power. Now 6 Pin Po...
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EXP GDC 8.5C DC Barrel Power Worked Great Until I Used 6 Pin Power. Now 6 Pin Power is the Only Thing That Works  


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A buddy got me excited about EXP GDC to add 4k HDR function to my old laptop since I have an awesome TV.  I bought an expresscard EXP GDC 8.5C.  Since I don't play games I just bought a low power Nvidia 1030 (30W) and I already have a couple 48W DC power supplies laying around.  It worked stellar.

When My buddy and I were hanging out last weekend and wanted to watch a 4k HDR film, the barrel for my 48W DC fell behind the desk.  Instead of moving the desk at that moment my buddy just plugged in his 6pin DA2 which worked no problem.  The following day, when I went back to using my 48W DC power supply with my EXP GDC the green LED illuminates green like before but fan on my GPU just ran at full RPMs and Windows gave zero response on insertion of the Expresscard adapter.  We swapped back to the 6pin DA2 and it works fine.

I tested my alternate 48W DC power supply.  No luck.  I know the 48W DC power supplies are good because they test fine with my dual HDD dock and my killawatt measurement device even shows 45W being delivered no problem.

I looked for a reset jumper on the EXP GDC but I don't see one.  There's just the time delay and the ATX power toggle which the manual says not to touch.  I see there's even a plastic breakout over the ATX power toggle that I'd have to break through to throw the toggle.  Should I just return this unit?  Or can anyone confirm a means to reset EXP GDC so that it will allow DC power again?

I'd really don't want to buy/use a DA2 given my use case.  I'm optimistic it's fixable because on the sales page it says the following "Support DC 12 volt power supply input interface type outer diameter 5.5MM, inner diameter 2.1MM, maximum power 150W, support the soft switch function."

I greatly appreciate your guys insight.

Edit:  Strangest thing.  As soon as I connected my EXP GDC (powered by my DC barrel adapter) to the Expresscard slot on a DIFFERENT laptop, then it resumed normal function via DC power.  I could even swap it back to my normal laptop and it functioned normally.  In case I don't have another laptop handy in the future, I'd love to know if using the ATX power toggle (with no power to the EXP GDC)  might also accomplish the same notion of resetting it or something.

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