EXP GDC BEAST V8.4 caused cable to overheat?  


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January 6, 2017 8:54 pm  

yesterday, my m.2 cable came in, (i had ordered the NO POWER mpcie one)

anyhow, setup is the lenovo y40 (EGPU Because of gpu failure) gdc beast, corsair cx430m

Plugged in the adapter, booted up pc

fan on PSU starts spinning, 2 seconds in, i hear popping, hit the killswitch on the psu, and felt the pcb of the gpu, (gpu never span up)

felt the cable that connects the PSU to the 8 pin “POWER” and it was burning hot to the touch.

Anyone else have this issue? i’m about to contact the seller about this. going to replace the dongle and the PSU-8PIN cable. Ill update the post with pictures 

also, i plugged the adapter for the beast into the 20+4 pin socket (green for mobo slot, yellow and black for the 12 volt connection)

upon inspection, black socket on psu was burnt, i hope it still works good. and the contacts on the cable were destroyed on the yellow.
it was crossed maybe. Yellow to black and black to yellow. id wish i had saw this before i turned it on. 

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January 19, 2017 3:44 am  

Very bad cable quality. 

First time I connected the Beast to the PSU the green cable (20+4) just came out.


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