EXP GDC Beast v8.4b Expresscard Static?/GPU won't turn on issue  


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February 5, 2018 8:26 pm  


As per the title, I have GDC Beast hooked to my laptop with an Nvidia 1080 (MSI Seakhawk, aka it has a radiator with an LED fan along with the normal GPU fan) and a SeaSonic 860 platinum XP2 PSU. It worked fine for months but randomly one day, the GPU would fail to initialize. Specifically, the GPU lights won't turn on, but the Beast green LED and the radiator fan LED would. The GPU fan will start to spin but immediately stop, and the LED on the GPU won't turn on.

 If I come back a few hours later, there is a high chance the GPU would work normally again (hence why I think it may have to do with a static buildup). However, the issue has starting to become more frequent, even when I first turn it on. I have tried switching the Beast so its always on rather than when computer is on, but the issue does still occur. 

Any thoughts? 

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