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EXP GDC Rx 560 driver help

EXP GDC Rx 560 driver help  


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Hello, I've tried egpu with exp gdc, with rx 560 and I'm using mpcie,

My laptop is dv6, with intel hd 3000 and 6770m dgpu and 2670qm processor
 here are the steps that I had followed,
1. Removed whitelist
2. After installing egpu and booting into windows I had disabled dgpu by disabling its pci bus from device manager
3. After that I installed latest driver from amd for rx 560
The problem in getting is that rx 560 is showing up in device manager, but it is not being used and neither showing anything on external display which is connected to egpu. And when I try to run amd panel it says driver is not working properly or is not installed correctly even after its successful installation. The egpu fans are running but egu isn't heating a bit even gpu-z shows no utilization of egpu. I need help with this, what step did I miss or what can I do to make it work? Thank you.

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