EXP GDC test with Vega 64 Limited Edition/Vega FE

EXP GDC test with Vega 64 Limited Edition/Vega FE  


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I'm going to test something new, something I shouldn't test really but have a left over Vega as I am building a new desktop slowly. Anywho, let's get right into what I am going to do any help/critiques are welcome!


EXP GDC Beast v8 eGPU station

600w EVGA 80 plus silver rated PSU (Overkill I know, but for 29.99 not really a big deal.)

Vega 64 Limited Edition
UPDATE: May Run a Vega Frontier edition once it arrives.

Laptop: MSI GP60 2QF Leopard Pro
CPU: I7-4720HQ
Ram: 16gb DDR3 PNY
Storagre: 1tb HDD 7200rpm 2.5"
Integrated GPU: 950M 2gb (OC to 960 desktop specs with conductonaut)

Will try connecting it via the mPCIE wireless card, I understand I will lose a lot of performance over this but hey, why not use a card that isn't being used right now.

Will update this post once everything is setup!

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