EXP GDC 8.4d + T430s + GTX 670 Doesn't work! ANY HELP?
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EXP GDC 8.4d + T430s + GTX 670 Doesn't work! ANY HELP?  


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First of all, here are my system specs:

Laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad T430s

CPU: Intel Core i5 3320m

iGPU: Intel HD 4000

dGPU: none

OS: Windows 10 N x64

BIOS mode: legacy

BIOS version: 2,66

 Adapter: EXP GDC beast V8.4d

eGPU: Gigabyte GTX 670 OC windforce 3x 2GB

PSU: Zalman ZM500-LE 2, 500W with 2 x (6 + 2) PCI-e connectors. (1 week old)

First of all, I connected all the wires as pictured below:

20170803 231228
20170803 231115

ON EXP GDC Beast: ATX is set to ON(right position) and PTD to OFF.

After that, I have turned on the laptop and inserted ExpressCard in it. New device was detected in device manager with error code 12. I have fixed error 12 using DSDT Override successfully. Then I have downloaded Nvidia Geforce Driver 372.70 version. (I know newer versions are more problematic).  Driver installation was successful without error. In device manager was GTX 670 with error code 14. That was not a surprise at all, since restart was required. I restarted the laptop keeping egpu cable connected. WINDOWS FREEZE WHILE LOADING AT WINDOWS LOGO. I waited about 5 minutes and turn the laptop off using power button. Then I started windows 10 with option: "Disable automatic restart at system failure". After waiting another 5 minutes I got:

20170803 222302

After that, I unpluged the ExpressCard. Windows loaded successfully. Then (while egpu still powered on) connected ExpressCard again. Laptop screen turned black for a second, there was "device connect" sound as USB "device connect" sound. After 1 second, laptop screen come back again with "device disconnect sound". EXP GDC turned off, GPU fans stopped running and PSU FAN was stopped running! I have disconnected ExpressCard and connected it again with no response. I have turned off The PSU using PSU switch, unpluged the PSU and connected it again after 1-2 minute. EXP GDC powered on, but after connecting ExpressCard into the laptop, same thing happened.

I tried to disable Intel HD 4000, but the result is the same: PSU stops working.

BIOS Settings:

I have changed ExpressCard speed to Gen 1, since EXP GDC has stability issues on gen 2.

I have disabled PCI line and Express Card power management. (I have disabled power saving)

Display is set to internal LCD:

20170803 221035


I was curious, if BIOS detected ExpressCard Device. BIOS detects EGPU on BUS # 4

20170803 220629

I have performed PCI-e test using Lenovo diagnostics. Test passed without errors.

20170803 220708

In hwinfo64, PCI-e BUS #4 is reported as "hot-plug" capable with gen 1 speed.

20170803 225105

I tried PSU paperclip trick. Same result: PSU still turns off.

I tried different ATX and PTD switch combos with no success. The main problem is that PSU turns off when I connect ExpressCard into my lapotop. It looks like emergency power off, since I'm not able to power on eGPU again untill I unplug PSU from the wall and wait 1-2 minutes. 

I have checked +12V power on PCI-e connectors  +12,22V (fine).

Both PCI-e connectors are on 12V2 rail(20A). I tried to use molex to 6PIN adapter cable and connected 1 PCI-e 8PIN connector into the GPU and 6PIN adapter cable (That pulls power from molex, which is 12V1 rail) into the GPU. Maximum 12V power is now 444W. This is overkill for GPU. Overvoltage doesn't apper to be the reason of PSU shut down.

I would like to try other PSU, but I have only 250W PSU from old Pentium 3 desktop, that has 120W on +12V rail. LOL Grin

It's my first attempt to build eGPU system.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Ok, I have tested very old PSU.

When I inserted the ExpressCard in my laptop PSU CONTINUED RUNNING Smile and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 670 was listed under display adapters without any error. BUT, I have no output on my TV. eGPU is visible only in control panel. dxdiag and Furmark, as well as other software are unable to detect it.


I have tried to disable iGPU with no luck. Also tried latest drivers and 372.70 with no result.


I think eGPU is IDLE and it consumes less than 120W, PSU is COLD. There should not be PSU problem, but I'm not sure. Can anyone give me a link to download WORKING driver? If driver is OK, whats wrong, why I'm not able to have output on my TV? Is it because of HDMI connection between GPU and TV?

Please, respond...

2012 14" Lenovo ThinkPad T430s [3rd,2C,M] + GTX 670 @ 4Gbps-EC2 (EXP GDC 8.4) + Win10 [build link]  

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Did you try to switch monitor/source using the built in Lenovo Function key, Fn+x, when your TV is hocked to the eGPU? Usually when a screen or TV is hocked to the gpu, the gpu should display on the external screen. It work better if you disable the integrated iGPU Intel HD, sacrificing the windows sleep mode.

Be sure to go in the Nvidia control panel drivers and check for the gpu acceleration setting, choosing max performance settings for the GTX670 and also the screen settings.

Try the setup using a PC screen first, maybe using a DVI cable instead the HDMI cable, just for the sake of testing with a normal monitor.

Download GPU-Z here and check all the gpu information, if it detect clocks, temperatures, pci-e speed, drivers, etc. There is a question mark on the middle right of the program window, that allow you to test the gpu opening a small 3D render. Try it and check the eGPU behavior. If nothing it mean that somehow window is still using the Intel HD.

Please do not use furmark, it is a good tool but with specific use. Here melt you eGPU setup running a stressful bench is not the best choice.  😉

So the previous psu was faulty? It is strange to me, maybe try the psu on another computer. Because the GTX670 consume a discrete amount of power. Be sure that the old psu you are using now is at least 300Watt with a 20A on the 12v.

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I have solved my problem! Thank you!

Old PSU had only 10A on 12V...

I have tested another PSU, at this time ALFA P4-400W, 21A on 12V with molex adapters and EVERYTHING WORKED FINE! I was able to detect GPU clocks in CPU-Z. T430s is hotplug capable and I'm soooo happy!

Is it safe to use this psu to run GTX 670 or is it recommended to use more powerful psu with 25A or more on 12V?

Next step is to use internal LCD.. That would be nice, but I'm already satisfied with the result.

WHY THE NEW ZALMAN ZM-500 LE II failed remains mystery. This is 500W PSU, 2 12V rails with 20A each. It has 2 x 6+2 PCIe connectors. PCIe runs on second 12V rail with 20A.  Even though this PSU meets the requirements for GPU, it turns off, whenever I try to connect ExpressCard into my laptop. I have tested this PSU on desktop PC with the same GPU and everything worked well. Weired...

From this experience, I can say: not all PSU-s are EXP GDC 8.4d capable, even if particular PSU meets all requirements.

2012 14" Lenovo ThinkPad T430s [3rd,2C,M] + GTX 670 @ 4Gbps-EC2 (EXP GDC 8.4) + Win10 [build link]  

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@shaki, good work in finding the problem. The EXP GDC is probably only overloading a single rail of the PSU whereas the desktop system is using both. You might want to check the lead being used to supply the slot power. Is it the CPU 4-pin lead or is it a molex, and which 12V rail is it coming from?

Did you want to tidy up your opening post so this thread can become an implementation guide for a Lenovo T430s with expresscard slot? We don't have one for a T430s using the expresscard slot.

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may I ask you how did you do a successful DSDT override?How did you get past the errors part?

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