GTA V doesn't start on my eGPU anymore

GTA V doesn't start on my eGPU anymore  


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Dear all,

Let me add this topic as I couldn't find any solution elsewhere. I have an issue when starting GTA V: I think it's not starting on the eGPU and tries to start on the iGPU which is too weak obviously.

I have this line in the game laucher log:

[ ERROR ] [Main ] [launcher] Failed to create device, max feature level: 41216

This issue is happening since I had to update the pilot of the graphic card: before both my dGPU and eGPU where working but now I can only install the pilot for one of them so I chose to install the eGPU one and to stop using the dGPU.


So did you already faced the same issue in your eGPU adventure? Do you have a solution to use both cards with different pilots? And do you have a solution to force this game to start on the eGPU? I alredy tried to switch the default graphic card in Nvidia graphic setup menu.


My setup:

Samsung NP300E5A

Windows 7

Nvidia GTX770


So sad everything was working fine before I could launch recent games without trouble on my old notebook 😥 


Thanks for help in advance to the community!

Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts

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Windows Setttings > Graphics Settings > Graphics Performance Preference > Classic App > Click Browse

Find and select GTA5 executable.

Click Options

Select High Performance GPU (hopefully it is your eGPU). If not, disabling your dGPU in Device Manger should do the trick.

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