[GUIDE] How to build stable and useful eGPU system
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[GUIDE] How to build stable and useful eGPU system  


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Hi everyone.

I've used eGPU over 2 years and finally got a stable eGPU system.

I want to share my trial-and-error experience.


1. Use M.2 slot if possible. if you use expresscard or mPCIe, your system may suffer from lack of bandwidth.

    if you are going to install through mPCIe slot do not use more than GTX 960-1060. or it will not go 100%.


2. There are several installation kits known, but I would suggest pe4c. (even if its expensive)

   exp gdc or typical riser card has circuit problem and would bring you to a bluescreen (VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE) Oops


3. you need to avoid electro-magnetic stress environment. avoid power cables. and use Ferrite core if necessary.

    this will make 10 bluescreens to 1 bluescreen, and 1 bluescreen to none.


4. if you suffer from boot failure or error 43 problem, use "diy eGPU Setup 1.35" software or "nvidia-error43-fixer"


5. you have to run benchmark software like OCCT before use. this keeps you from getting cancer.

    normally if you have problem with installation you will get bluescreen in 1 hour after running benchmark software.


6. if you need to use iGPU with eGPU, use compatible driver or use inf modding.


7. finally, use NICE and GOOD power supply. or you will see VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE.


thank you and have a good time with stable eGPU experience ! 😀 

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