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Has anyone tested the GDC Beast V9?  


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I remember seeing a photo of a v9 with two hdmi input sockets, has anyone else received these and can confirm the pcie speed?

I'm seeing a lot of crashes using gen 2 speeds over expresscard, strangely  much more prevalent in Deus Ex Mankind Divided than Doom 3. Knocking the speed down to gen 1 solves this but it's a shame as there's obviously a performance hit so I'd be interested if they've solved the stability issue for v9. 

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In my knowledge 2 HDMI input at best can provide a PCIe x2 connection for the supported laptop mainboard, the instability issue you seeing is mostly due to the fact that the adapter you are using right now is either: not soldered or having extenders of some sort or cable length is too long.

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You are looking for stulowe's post about the EXP GDC 9.0:

There we see he had success running it at x4 3.0 down socketted HDMI cables.  All my previous testing with EXP GDC and PE4x adapters found the soldered cable form (PE4L 2.1b, PE4C 3.0) was more reliable at Gen2 speed than the socketted form (EXP GDC, PE4C 2.1, PE4H 2.4). To hear the EXP GDC 9.0 runs reliably at Gen3 speed is remarkable.

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