[HELP] Lenovo T430/GTX 750ti/EC34 egpu does not get detected by windows
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[HELP] Lenovo T430/GTX 750ti/EC34 egpu does not get detected by windows  


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First of all, my goal is to get a EC34 eGPU setup running with a GTX 750ti (60w tdp, pcie power only) on my Lenovo T430 (i7 3610qm + intel hd4000 + 8gb ram + Win10 1909). I bought the PCE164P-N03, a 75 Watt power adapter and bought the EC34 -> USB 3.0 pcb found in the thread of diyman (diyman's pcb). Soldered all the components to it and plugged it in. The problem is that the windows device manager doesn't detect anything. Which troubleshooting I already did:

-checked the soldering/connections if there were any shorts and if you get a signal where you should get one
-checked the psu if it can manage 75 Watt (it can)
-checked the usb 3.0 cable, everything fine here
-checked the GTX 750ti in my desktop, and works just fine
-disabled all ports in my bios except for EC34
-gen 1 and gen 2 speed tested, nothing changed
-connecting in sleep, from bios, in loaded windows, when booting (still not detected)



So I hit a dead end from there and don't know how to progress further. Maybe I just missed out on something and don't see where my mistake is.

I added photos so you can see the soldering and what it should look like. If you need more informations just ask 😀




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