How does Dell E port work? Laptop USB is interfering with Expresscard eGPU
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How does Dell E port work? Laptop USB is interfering with Expresscard eGPU  


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I'm in a bit of a pickle where the interrupts coming from my USB mouse and keyboard are interfering with my GTS450 on the newest drivers on a EXP GDC beast 8.5c. Laptop is a Dell e6420 with a i7 2760QM and NVS4200 dGPU (disabled or enabled doesn't matter in testing so long as I use an external monitor and leave the NVS on the laptop display as a secondary). Express card is on PCI lane 4. I'll get noticeable stuttering and frame drops (and crashes) with my peripherals connected, so I have to find a better way to run this setup. GPU power is from a dell DA-2 so more than enough for a card pulling slightly over 100w.

This is where the Dell E port dock idea comes into play. If I can move the USB devices off the PCI lane, then I can dedicate lane 4 to the Expresscard slot. But I don't know how the Dell E port works and I cant find anything on it other than a post by @nando couple years ago explaining how the Dell e port doesn't provide PCIe lanes. Question is, does it use PCIe lanes? And which ones? Could I use the dock as a USB hub to keep them from interfering with the eGPU? is the link to the post mentioned above

I do have a mPCIe wifi card that I can try using the eGPU on but I'd like to try to not use it simply because its not accessible with the laptop closed. Want it to be a last resort.

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