how to use eGPU as main rather than iGPU?
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how to use eGPU as main rather than iGPU?  


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I've managed to disable my dGPU (AMD Firepro M5100) and am running the internal display on with Intel HD Graphics, and trying to connect my gtx 970 via exp gdc beast (expresscard) on my dell m4800 laptop. For some reason I cannot connect an external display directly to my eGPU, (I've tried through HDMI and DVI) as I get no signal. And I can't seem to set my internal display to run off the gtx 970 either. The 970 is working fine, and the laptop detects it, and I've installed a driver from NVIDIA's website, and on msi afterburner it detects the 970, but has no figures for anything like clock speed, fan speed etc, even though it is visibly running.I also disabled wake on lan, nic from boot sequence and integrated nic from system config in the bios. 

If anyone has any ideas, please reply, anything is appreciated, thanks

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It sounds like you really know what youre doing so forgive the very basic questions but have you tried to detect, extend, duplicate the displays in display control panel (settings/system/display). Do you hot plug your express card? the 970 isnt giving any errors in device manager? does the monitor work when plugged directly to your laptop. Are you able to run the Nvidia control panel? Have you downloaded GPUz and run a gpu-z render test? msi after burner is a bit tricky and sometimes needs you to overwrite the cinfig files to unlock some of its settings to raed the values you cat see. There is plenty of stuff in youtube on msi after burer settings and gpu-z render test.

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