HP Elitebook 840 G5 WWAN M.2 Key B port will not work with eGPU
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HP Elitebook 840 G5 WWAN M.2 Key B port will not work with eGPU  


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I write this as a warning to future buyers. Dont buy the Delock Riser Card M.2 Key B+M and plug it into the free WWAN M.2 Key B slot and expect it to work. When I use the setup below nothing happens. No new device shows up in the device manager. Not sure what the fault is. Maybe whitelist? Maybe the WWAN slot only support SATA? Maybe some other BIOS setting is wrong? Ohh well the Delock Riser was around €30 so no big loss. But hopefully this information will help someone in the future. I guess I could test it in the Key M slot but then I have no SSD so it will be hard to start the computer..

  • HP Elitebook 840 G5
  • Delock Riser Card M.2 Key B+M
  • Geforce GTX 670

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@kuco639,  have an HP 840 G3, with which i would like to install a PCIe card in the M.2 x4 Slot of the SSD.

i too have the issue of no PCIe device other than SSDs being able to show up in the slot. (i have 2 different x4 adapters, one definately does work in an ASUS G752VL so its not that).

Sorry for adding to this "old post"

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Currently working on making a NAS out of an HP 840 G3 Motherboard, using a RAID card in the M.2 slot, my main reason for registering here.
Might in future use an eGPU setup for a future laptop.