HP pavilion 17 with egpu beast detected....

HP pavilion 17 with egpu beast detected. Ati settings won't launch  


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Feb 19, 2019 3:41 pm  
Hi all
I haven't seen this problem on any forums yet.
I have an hp pavilion 17
I5 4200
Intel hd6400 igpu
Radeon 6800m dedicated
8 gb ram
Win 8.1 pro/64bit.
I am trying to install 
an Radeon HD 7850 as egpu with beast m-pcie  
I don't have eror 43 after driver update from 
device manager but ATI settings won't launch, 
when I have dgpu disabled.(when enabled I have
 both dgpu and egpu with no conflict in device manager, 
the app launches, I have both gpus in there but I can't 
change anything for the egpu I won't use it not even
 with external monitor, I can only see it)
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