I created my own EGPU case for Exp GDC beast
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I created my own EGPU case for Exp GDC beast  


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Hello everyone

I created a case for egpu using 2.5mm acrylic sheets. The first time I created a case to support a GPU + ATX psu

Now I created another one for the GPU with an external Xbox 360 203w psu.

the finish was not good but for my use it is already good.

both cases album

Construction of the second case 

adapting xbox psu to 8pin power (taken from 24pin)

all made by hand with the tools I had.


from Brazil.

Acer v3-571 *Intel Core i7 3632qm *2x8gb ddr3 *120gb SSD pny *500gb sata3 seagate *Windows 10 *intel graphics hd4000 *EGPU expgdc beast 8.4d *egpucase 1+PSU corsair cx430 *egpucase 2+ psu xbox 360 203w *GTX 960 2gb mini itx gigabyte

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This is excellent work! I can't believe I'm the first to comment on it. Checks all the boxes: slim unique design, cable management, cheap parts. I love it. hope you see this (i know i'm a bit late) Inlove  

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