I found M.2 key A/E (wifi slot) to PCIe x1 risers

I found M.2 key A/E (wifi slot) to PCIe x1 risers  


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 This slot is typically used for wifi and as with key B, there's 2 PCIe lanes in both A and E and so it should be possible to use this slot ... but I haven't seen this before -- it is not in the Buyer's Guide either:

More expensive, better quality: https://www.ebay.com/itm/252826344550 shielded cable. (At one point the manufacturer called itself Vary Technology but that website is gone.) 

Cheaper version with FPC cable: https://www.ebay.com/itm/222772775554

Another one I from the Buyer’s Guide:


Someone should ask both sellers about "key B" endings as well.

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Hi, do you know if it's possible to use M.2 key A/E with a x2 ? I'm considering using it with a lattepanda alpha.

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I have no experience with devices that use Key A/E. Is it possible that with Key A/E, that the two PCIe lanes are not a single link?

This may be indicated by the fact that no x2 adapters exist and that the P11S-P11F for key A/E has two separate PCIe x1 slots instead of a single PCIe slot with x2 connection. There's a SNIA document which explains that key A and key E has "2x PCIe x1" and key B has "PCIe x2".

Other related adapters:
The P14S-P14FP for key B/M has a x4 slot with x2 connection.
The R5y Series for key A/E has only a single x1 connection.

When you get the latte panda alpha, check the link width to the WiFi slot.

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