Impossible to detect Exp GDC with thinkpad W540
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Impossible to detect Exp GDC with thinkpad W540  


Aloys Cretegny
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Hello everybody,


So I've been trying to setup an Expgdc beast (I have two of them actually), with two different interfaces (NGFF key A, Expresscard). My GPU is a GTX 1650 and my PSU is a 12V 120W DC adaptor in the DC jack. I'm also using the setup 1.35 boot software.

My problem is the following :

- When using expresscard, the expgdc starts and fans start running, but no card detected.
- When using NGFF A (removing the wifi module), nothing happens at all, it's like the expgdc wasn't even connected.
- No difference between the two Expgdc, tried the ctd/ctp/atx switches, my pc boots totally normally as if nothing was connected, setup 1.35 doesn't detect anything, I tried also hotplugging.


Regarding the Bios :

- Wake up on LAN : disbled.
- PCI power managment : disabled.
- ExpressCard : enabled.

There's no option to disable optimus, only the "graphic device" option to set VGA or dockstation.


I'm also not able to install nvidia driver as it seems that my computer is not compatible DCH version or not. But that's not a priority yet as there's not detection...


Is there any hope to make it work ?


Thanks a lot

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