Is a mini pcie egpu worth it?  


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Hi Guys,
My laptop has an i7-3740qm and 8gb DDR3L Corsair Vengeance Ram, I would like to know if an eGPU setup is worth it I was thinking about using a GTX 970 but have also considered using low power consumption cards such as a 45w RX560.  I am just wanting to know about how much bottleneck the mini PCIe causes/ how close to desktop performance. Also what cards would be best if you guys think that this setup is, in fact, worth it.

Cheers, Salltyy8

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Since the cost of a mPCIe setup is very low (you can get an adapter for 7$, a 20$ power supply and any card you choose) it is rare that it is not worth it. It is typically not worth it if you try to use a very powerful video card on a low resolution monitor, where you'll hit diminishing returns pretty fast due to the single PCIe lane.

If you run a single external monitor at 1080p or lower, then something like a RX 480 (can be found used for under 100$) is likely a good investment.

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So a GTX 1080 would not be worth it on a 1080p Display ?

How much % Performance increase would i get over a GTX1060 ?

Right now (with GTX1060) i get 80% and 60-70% with internal display...

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