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Laptop candidate list for M.2 Egpu  


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I am looking for a thin and light laptop that can support an egpu with M.2 port using R43SG.

So for the best egpu performance , we need :

- Ice Lake or Tiger Lake, or Ryzen 4000 series laptop with great CPU performances

- 2 M.2 slots with one PCIE 4.0 4 lanes (at least 3.0 should be enough to not bottleneck too much a high end RTX 3000 GPU).

- A CPU that can boost with high frequency to not bottleneck the gpu

It seems that it's quit difficult to find a thin and light perfect candidate ...

Here is few laptops that match all that boxes :

- Asus Expertbook B9400 (1165g7, 16gb, 2x M.2 PCIE3.0x4, 1kg)

- Acer Swift 3x ( 1165g7 with iris Xe Max, 16gb, 2x M.2 PCIE3.0x4, 1.37kg)

- Lenovo yoga slim 7 ( 4700U, 16 gb, 2x M.2 PCIE3.0x4, 1.33kg)

- Lenovo Thinkpad T14 AMD ( 4750U, 16gb, 1x M.2 PCIE 3.0x4 & 1x M.2 PCIEx2, 1.46 kg)



The Asus is not available at all and i don't know if it will be in Europe and i don't know about eh CPU performance on it.

There is lots of Lenovo Laptops that are currently available with two M.2 slots but some of them are only x2 lane and they are heavier.

My girlfriend has already the Swift 5 1165G7 and this is a really great laptop with a high speed CPU (3 ghz during R20 loops with repast, great for only 1kg, so this is why i think the Acer Swift 3x (that should keep 3.4 ghz constantly) seems to be a really great candidate, using the R43SG-TU adapter.

Do you have others candidates ?

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Searching for the best ultra light laptop using a powerfull laptop - Acer Swift 3/5 -Lenovo X1 Carbon - Lenovo Yoga S940 - Dell XPS 13 - MSI P14

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14" Lenovo Yoga 14s available in China. R7-4800H, 2x M.2 slots, dual heatpipes/fans, 2K screen. When they refresh to a R7-5800H, I'm getting one. Would stand to reason they'll have x4 4.0 M.2 slots too.

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Thanks Nando,


But the Lenovo Yoga 14S (Slim 7 pro in Europe ?) seems to only have 1 M.2 slot in the pro variant ?

Searching for the best ultra light laptop using a powerfull laptop - Acer Swift 3/5 -Lenovo X1 Carbon - Lenovo Yoga S940 - Dell XPS 13 - MSI P14

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Hi, I've done some research about building an egpu with M.2 on my Mi Notebook Pro using the R43SG. This is my recent post:

eGPU for Mi Notebook Pro 2020

Found a guy who claimed a successful build for this laptop: forum reedit forum

But in a couple of months he reported that the build was not working anymore m-2-egpu-used-to-work-but-now-card-spins-but-egpu-is-missing

I'm now a little bit concerned because of this build not working anymore, but I would really love to have an eGPU on my laptop it and think I will still try it. I will update everything when I start working on it.

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