Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15" 031942U with EXP GDC Expresscard

[Solved] Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15" 031942U with EXP GDC Expresscard  


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Hi, I am new to this eGPU and I was trying to do a setup with the EXP GDC ExpressCard


+ GTX 1050 but I'm running into so many problems. First of all, I had a black screen with was resolved with the delay feature. Next, I tried fixing the Error 12 by doing a DSDT override which I think I successfully achieved, but every time I try to boot up now with the eGPU on, I get stuck at the "Starting Windows" boot. When I take it out, it boots fine. I tried inserting using the sleep trick, but it then gives me Error 43. I managed to successfully download and install the official drivers, but I just need help with these errors.

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System implemented successful. The critical elements being:

1. DSDT override needed to provide eGPU addressing space to avoid error 12
2. boot without eGPU plugged in to avoid black screen
3. Set the Dell DA-2 PSU to be permanently on via the ATX switch on the EXP GDC
4. hotplug the powered EC card once Windows is loaded
5. Load 375.63 NVidia driver to eradicate error 43

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