Lenovo Y700-17isk + EXP GDC BEAST 9.0b m.2 x4 Cannot initialize!
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Lenovo Y700-17isk + EXP GDC BEAST 9.0b m.2 x4 Cannot initialize!  


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Good day!

Please help me to solve the problem with my egpu.

I have:
* Notebook Lenovo Y700-17isk
* EXP GDC BEAST 9.0b m.2 x4
* DELL DA2 power supplies and ATX Seasonic 650W Gold
* MSI GTX 1080/gt 840/firepro v5900
* Creative ZXR sound card

When I connect power to the laptop and to the board, the video card does not show any signs of activity. It does not heat up and the cooler does not spin, I tried with different power supplies, with different video cards, the result is the same. The laptop does not see the video card at all.

In the BIOS, I disabled the built-in video adapter (gtx 960m) and pxe boot.

1. The egpu should start when the gdc beast receives a power-on signal from the laptop? So there is no signal? Or it should start immediately when i turn on the extermal atx/dell da2 psu?
2. Do i need to modify the BIOS to unlocked one (with additional options)? Or did I came across a defective controller?
3. I have a CREATIVE ZXR pci-e sound card, can I theoretically use it instead of a video card?
4. Do i need to use software like DIY eGPU Setup 1.35? https://egpu.io /egpu-setup-13x/
5. Do i need to connect monitor directly to external gpu or hdmi output on laptop is ok to use with external monitors/projectors?
6. Is this correct connection to m.2 for exp gdc 9.0b? (pic attached)

Thanks for the help!!!

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LENOVO Y700-17isk with latest bios
EXP GDC Beast 9.0b m.2 x4
MSI Gaming X GTX 1080
DELL Da-2/ Seasonic 650W