Levnovo g500 + Best Egpu and gtx 560 on internal monitor
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Levnovo g500 + Best Egpu and gtx 560 on internal monitor  


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Hello everybody,

I habe been digging up the forum for a while now but failed to find useful information about my inquiry.

I have an old lenovo g500 with Pentium 2020m cpu and intel graphics card. I have successfully connected the beast egpu set to my wifi card slot (mpcie i assume)  And my laptop recognised the graphics card and I could install the drivers and get it work on an external screen.

So far so good, I would like to know if it is possible to use the internal screen of my laptop. I don't care about the performance loss, it is more of a learning process for me and even with 60 % performance loss it would be a better performance than the intel 4000 I have Smile

I have tried to play the games (and the benchmark) on windowed mode and drag it from the external monitor to the internal lcd. I have notice that it worked (i got better performance than intel 4000 but worse than gtx 560 on external screen.) so I can assume it would work but I just dont know how. 

I have done the driver mod trick and it looks like it changed nothing. If the graphics card isnt connected to an external monitor, it uses the internal gpu. 

Anyone has an idea how to workaround this? I heard there are headless hdmi/dvi plugs I could use to trick my system but I am not sure if it would work. 

Thank you for your help! 

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