M.2 eGPU used to work but now card spins but egpu is missing ?
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M.2 eGPU used to work but now card spins but egpu is missing ?  


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Hey guys
You may remember me from the Mi Notebook Pro eGPU. Bad news is my setup is not working now...
I ordered a new ADT-Link Link M.2 -> PCIe, but sadly it still isn't working. The gpu is nowhere to be found in the system... The laptop boots without issues tho and the card even spins !

What I've tried to troubleshoot :

  • Swap the x4 M.2 slot to the second one being x2 : Result is the laptop is having a black screen and doesn't POST.
  • Swap the gpu : No effect

Of course my PSU is always on and jumpstarted. HWInfo doesn't report anything on the PCIe bus.
Any ideas ? Good day Smile

Laptop : Mi Notebook Pro, i5-8250u undervolted + TDP unlocked, 8G RAM 256G nvme, MX150-2...
eGPU : Asus STRIX 1060-6G running over ADT R43SL (15cm) M.2 with Gen3 x4

Greetings from France !

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Hi, I'm French as well, but i'll write in english.

So i have a Mi Notebook Pro i7, and i'm planning to do aswell an egpu setup. So i saw your previous post about your setup with an ADT-Link R43SL. But it 's appear to not working anymore ? Did you solve your issue ? If it possible can you send a picture of your setup so I can see, and then I may have a couple of questions 😉

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.